Arnhem is the creative hart from the fashion industry and the FDFA is a festival to strengthen and connect fashion, design, theatre and visual arts during the month of June. For the Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem UPR facilitated social media, classical PR and influencer relations. UPR created both on- and offline buzz around the festival and the exhibitions - and invited press and influencers during the opening from the festival.


Swatch Skin influencer photoshoot & pop-up gallery

May 31th, 2017

For Swatch UPR created an elaborate Benelux campaign for the Skin collection, a photoshoot and pop-up gallery. The watches in the collection focus on movement, dance and expression so UPR organized a photoshoot with photographer Michael Graste that would ask 5 Dutch and 5 Belgium influencers to 'show their move'. The influencers all had a big connection with movement, be that in dance, sports, performing or starting their own company. Influencers that were part of the campaign are Nienke Plas, Vita Boers, Lars Tibben, Roy from The Ruggeds and Esmee Trouw for the Netherlands, for Belgium Laurins Dursin, Joachim Badejoh, Monica Ho, Eilin Migalski and Marie France Vodikulwakidi participated.

The photoseries which resulted from this photoshoot were showed to press, influencers and Swatch club member at a pop-up gallery on May 31st in The Playing Circle loft, with a special dance performance by The Ruggeds and catering by Artventura.