Influo Launch with a Masterclass by UPR & Influo

November 22, 2016

We are proud to present the influencer tool Influo. UPR is the launching partner in this project with Duval Union and UPR benelux.

To launch the influencer tool, UPR organized an influencer event with several workshop and masterclasses to professionalise the influencers. Influencers could attend the Masterclasses and speedddate with brands attending the event to forge a relationship and check out the available campaigns on Influo.

At the moment than 15 campaigns and over 125 Dutch influencers (over 300 Benelux influencers) are working with the platform at the moment. Register yourself at and check out the after movie of the event! 


Influo, mark your influence

Great things are happening! UPR Benelux and Duval Union are teaming up to launch a brand new platform called Influo. Influo is a tool for influencers, brands and agencies to find each other, set up collaborations & create cool stuff together! Are you an influencer? Be part of the greatest influencer ecosystem in the Benelux. You can now register on Build your portfolio, find opportunities and get rewarded! We launched Influo on November 22nd at Denim City HQ